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  • Alarm Systems

  • An Intrusion Alarm or Burglar Alarm provides property owners several benefits from creating peace of mind to deterring crime before it happens. Not only will these systems detect unauthorized entry or movement through the use of sensors, door and window contacts. The system is monitored by our UL-Listed Monitoring Facility and the proper authorities are notified in the event of unauthorized access. 

    Our security integrators can help create a customized security plan that ensures your business is protected from outside threats.

    Security Lock Systems provides service throughout the Tampa Bay area. Whatever your security questions and needs, we have the answers and solutions.

    Intrusion Alarm Systems are installed to help protect employees and property from unauthorized entry, holdup, theft and vandalism. Commercial systems can include a number of components, including sound and motion sensors, glass break detection, door contacts, and more. Intrusion systems can be installed independently or integrated with an Access Control. Whatever your needs, call Security Lock Systems. We will engineer a solution that is right for your team and business nee

    The benefits of using an integrated security management system:

    • Alarm System Installation
    • Alarm, Surveillance, and Access Control Integration
    • Door Contacts
    • Overhead Contacts
    • Motion Sensors
    • Glass Breaks
    • Motion Detectors
    • Door Forced Open Alarm
    • Improved Security
    • Reduced Security Manpower Costs
    • Control your business better